Ring Video Doorbell Works With RemoteLock

With Ring Plus, you now have complete control of your home. Connect Ring Video Doors with RemoteLock from LockState for added convenience, monitoring and security.

With Ring Plus RemoteLock, enter the RemoteLock Connect App directly from a live video event with the Ring App and you can unlock your door for welcomed guests.

Ring Plus works on the durableĀ RemoteLock 6i and RemoteLock 500i series. With RemoteLock you can also assign/delete/manage temporary and permanent codes for your WiFi locks. Also receive updates when a code is used. Works for residential and commercial applications.

Keep your home within reach … like in the palm of your hand. Lock or unlock your door from your phone with Ring Plus RemoteLock.



  1. Jim says:

    Will this work with a vera edge contoller

    • John Cargile says:

      It is stand alone at this time. We are considering other platforms, but presently you use it through you WiFi network and can communicate via smartphone/computer.

  2. Elisa says:

    Remote lock 6i
    What does that mean? I gave to have a 6 G phone?
    I only gave a 4G phone!

    Can the door handle be switched to the right side?

    • John Cargile says:

      RemoteLock 6i is the model of the durable WiFi lock used by property owners and managers. It works with all smartphones as well as computers. You can have the handle in either direction. Let us know if you have more questions.

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