About Us

Colorado-based LockState is a leading provider of connected access control systems for commercial and residential markets. LockState’s WiFi enabled door locks and peripheral devices allow property owners and managers to remotely monitor and control their properties from anywhere in the world.

Founded in 2004, LockState entered the market offering quality keyless entry door locks and safes. In 2006, LockState released the ResortLock, a keyless entry solution for the vacation rental property market that allowed property owners to provide temporary access codes to their guests. In 2011 LockState launched the first WiFi enabled keypad door lock under the RemoteLock brand. Supporting RemoteLock is the LockState Connect platform which gives property owners the ability to monitor and control door locks, thermostats, power plugs, camera’s and more.

In 2013 Lockstate released the RemoteLock Access Control System (ASC), an internet connected building access management system. This system requires no on-site servers or workstation, but is instead managed directly from the cloud. Perfect for small storefront owners and large commercial building managers alike, RemoteLock ACS greatly increases the ease of installation, management and affordability of building access control.

Our Mission

To be a leading supplier of remote access control and monitoring solutions.

Our Values

  1. We do Great Work – We take pride in what we produce – a product, a process, a call, an email.
  2. Be Happy – We create a positive, fun and balanced environment that supports personal and company growth.
  3. We are Solvers – We work the problem until we find the best solutions. Take five to present a solution not a problem
  4. Every Customer Every Time – Our focus is on the customer. We respect them and solve their problems.
  5. We Have Integrity – We strive to speak factually to ourselves, to our coworkers and to our customers. We establish trust, are accountable, and have courage to say what we think.

1325 S. Colorado Blvd. Suite B400
Denver, CO 80222

For sales questions, email sales@lockstate.com

Our Brands

ResortLock is dedicated to providing innovative solutions, increased control, and easier management of Vacation Rental Properties.

RemoteLock provides the ability to remotely monitor and control your property via connected devices such as door locks, sensors, thermostats and more.

RemoteLock ACS (Access Control System) brings the power of connected access control and other devices to commercial buildings.


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