The New Standard in Security

LockState WiFi electronic keypads locks and cloud-based access control were recently featured in Security Products Magazine, a leading security industry publication.

The New Standard — Connected locks can rely on WiFi as a solution, was in the October issue of the magazine that goes to 65,000 security professionals. “The ability to leverage a home or business’s existing Wi-Fi network is a huge advantage that eliminates the expense and hassle of installing a separate radio frequency network just for connected devices,” according to the article.

The article offers reasons why IoT locks can be the best solution for businesses looking to solve pain points through solutions. Rekeying doors when employees leave, tracking when people use specified doors, giving employees or service contractors access at only certain times, even limiting access to certain areas.

The new RemoteLock 6i WiFi commercial lock is mentioned as a great solution for vacation rental security, multi-family property management, and for businesses looking to monitor and manage employee access.

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